Papers are invited on all topics in the broader theme of Machine Learning and Text Analytics. Prospective participants of the Winter workshop / school are encouraged to contribute papers reporting their completed/ on-going research work. Besides academic contribution, appreciation and visibility; it would also provide them with a higher chance of making it to the list of selected participants to the workshop / school and or obtaining registration fee or travel support.

However, submissions of poster papers are open to everyone and attending the winter workshop / school is not mandatory.

An indicative (non-exhaustive) list of topics is given below:

Analytic environments,
Bayesian inference,
Collaborative filtering,
Computational advertising,
Computational linguistics,
Content-based filtering,
Contextual awareness,
Co-reference resolution,
Corpus studies,
Document representation,
Evaluation (e.g., test collections, effectiveness measures, experimental design),
Graph representation of texts,
Graphical models,
Information extraction,
Kernel methods,
Learning systems
Linguistic analysis,
Named entity recognition,
Part of speech tagging,
Personalised, collaborative or user-adaptive IR,
Probabilistic computing,
Question answering systems,
Quantitative text analysis,
Recommender systems,
Relation extraction,
Sentiment analysis,
Social media analytics,
South Asian languages’ processing,
Statistical and relational learning,
Statistical methods,
Supervised learning,
Syntactic parsing,
Topic detection and tracking,
Topic models,
Unsupervised learning,
Web analytics, and
Web mining.

Important Dates for Paper Submission:

Deadline for paper submission:
Notification of acceptance:
Camera-ready manuscript submission:
Nov. 23, 2013
Nov. 30, 2013 Dec. 05, 2013
Dec. 05, 2013 Dec. 12, 2013

Instructions for Authors:

Submissions should be formatted according to the ACM SIG proceedings template. (Word and LaTeX templates at: The DOC version can also be downloaded from here. The length of paper should not exceed 04 pages, formatted as per the template. Papers (as PDF file) can be submitted by emailing them to

Authors of accepted papers will get a chance to present their work orally (or through a poster) in the winter workshop / school. All accepted papers will be uploaded and accessible to the world at the upcoming Text Analytics portal at: Authors will also be invited to submit a revised/ extended version to a major conference on Data and Text Analytics, proposed in Oct. 2014 in India.