Workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis using R


1- 2 November 2019


About the workshop

The Faculty of Economics, South Asian university, New Delhi cordially invites you to attend a two-day workshop on Efficiency and Productivity Analysis using R. This classroom-based workshop will focus on both parametric and nonparametric approaches of efficiency and productivity measurement. The content of the workshop is designed meticulously with the objective to provide a healthy balance between theory and hands-on applications. The participants will get training on using the npsf package that work in R programming environment. The course content of the workshop will cover sufficiently both basic and advanced Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) and Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) models.


Who is this workshop for?

The workshop will be of immense benefit to doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows and academicians working in the field of efficiency and productivity analysis. The workshop will also be suitable for corporate professionals who are interested in learning benchmarking techniques.


Workshop Presenter


Dr. Oleg Badunenko is a senior lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. His major research interests are parametric and nonparametric efficiency and productivity measurement. In his papers, he investigates issues related to efficiency and productivity in banking, education, finance, and electricity on a micro level as well as performs cross-country comparisons. Oleg Badunenko has written npsf package in R to perform both parametric and nonparametric models of efficiency and productivity measurement. More details on his work are available at


Topics to be covered

The workshop will cover the topics given in the table below.

Course content

Part I

A very short crash course in R

Part II

• Data Envelopment Analysis
• Properties and empirical issues with the radial DEA estimator.
• Homogeneous and heterogeneous bootstrap procedure for the radial DEA estimator
• Statistical inference for the radial DEA estimator
• Test of Returns to Scale
• Robust estimation using order-m frontier
• Non-radial measure of technical efficiency, the Russell measure
• Statistical inference for the Russell measure

Part III
• Parametric Stochastic Frontiers
• Production and cost stochastic frontiers for cross-sectional data
• The role of distributional assumptions
• Production and cost stochastic frontiers for panel data
• 1st generation: 2 component time invariant efficiency models
• 2nd generation: 2 component time-varying efficiency models
• 3rd generation: 3 component time-varying efficiency models that account for unobserved heterogeneity
• 4th generation: 4 component time-varying efficiency models that account for unobserved heterogeneity and persistent inefficiency
• Determinants of efficiency and marginal effects of environmental variables




Mezzanine Floor, South Asian University, Akbar Bhawan, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021.



Registration Fee

  • Indian academic participants: INR 10000

  • Indian non-academic participants: INR 15000

  • Non-Indian participants: USD 250

  • Indian PhD scholars INR 5000



Registration and Payment

For registration and payment, please visit the link on the bottom of this page.




For more information, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Important Note

Due to logistical reasons, only a limited number of participants will be admitted to the workshop. The admission will be on a rolling basis until all the positions have been filled or until the application deadline of 15th October 2019 has been reached. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation and accommodation. The registration fee will not be refunded in case of cancelling workshop participation.





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