Recognition of Degrees Awarded by the South Asian University

The South Asian University (SAU) was established jointly by the eight SAARC Member States (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indian, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). An agreement for the establishment of SAU was signed on 4th April 2007 by the Ministers of External Affairs of all Members States. This agreement can be viewed here.

Article 7 of this Agreement specifically states the following:

This Agreement shall facilitate the mutual recognition of degrees and certificates awarded by the University in all SAARC Member States at par with the degrees and certificates issued by their respective national universities/institutions.

Besides the above overarching Article 7 of the Agreement, each individual Member State has also conveyed their recognition of SAU degrees.

The letter from the UGC of India conveying recognition of SAU's degrees can be seen here.

It should, however, be noted that no country recognizes degrees awarded by individual universities in another country. If the degrees of a given university are recognized by the UGC (or the equivalent bodies like HEC) of the country where the university is located, the degrees are also recognized by universities around the Globe. SAU is located in India and Indian UGC recognizes the degrees awarded by the SAU.

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